Here is an example of the packages I can offer. By purchasing a package of 10 sessions priced at £400 you can make a saving of 11% compared to purchasing hourly sessions priced at £45 p/h. If you would like to discuss options then please feel free to get in touch to talk about your particular needs and we can tailor a package for you. 

Back Pain Care Package

Get back on track. Package includes full musculoskeletal assesement so we can get right to the cause of the problem. Massage and soft tissue therapy, acupuncture, corrective exercise to get you fit mobile and strong again.

Transformation Package

Learn how to achieve lasting change through diet and exercise. I will help you every step of the way with nutritional support, movement based therapy and Holistic lifestyle coaching. 

Sports Performance Package

Enhance performance, avoid injury, gain the advantage. Musculskeletal assesement, nutritional support, program design, sports psychology, acupuncture, massage and soft tissue therapy. 

Injury rehabilitation Package

Injury rehabilitation package includes full musculoskeletal assesement. Soft tissue massage therapy, acupuncture. Corrective rehabilitation exercise program. Nutritional support and Holistic lifestyle coaching to enhance your recovery.

Holistic Care Package

Mind Body Spirit coaching package that includes comprehensive analysis of diet and lifestyle. Leave no stone unturned in the quest to resolve physical and emotional health challenges and unlock your full potential. Utilising concepts taken from eastern and western disciplines such as Taiji, Yoga, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Paul Chek. This program will help you become the best possible version of yourself.

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