Soft tissue therapy and Sports massage

Soft Tissue Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Muscle Energy Technique, Myofascial Release, Positional Release, Deep tissue massage. Restore and improve posture and function, resolve musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, enhance recovery and performance, reduce stress.


 "Put down your tablets and pick up your pen and I'll put you together again." 


Exercise Coaching

Move better, feel better. From corrective and functional exercise training all the way to strength and conditioning and high performance training. I can design training programs, coach one on one or provide group coaching sessions. All training is done in conjunction with a thorough assessment to ensure the best possible outcome. 


Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

"If it can be measured it can be managed" Holistic lifestyle coaching begins with a thorough inventory of every aspect of your human organism from diet and lifestyle to organ function, cognitive function, self narrative, archetypes, subconscious thoughts and beliefs to posture and movement through a series of questionnaires and assessements. From this information using a process developed by Paul Chek at the CHEK institute we can impliment powerful tools to unlock your full potential.  

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